CNC Milling Companies near Stretford

Looking for a CNC milling company in Stretford? Milling is the complex shaping of metal or other materials by removing material to form the final shape. It is generally done on a milling machine, a power-driven machine that in its basic form consists of a milling cutter that rotates about the spindle axis (like a drill), and a worktable that can move in multiple directions (usually two dimensions [x and y axis] relative to the workpiece). The spindle usually moves in the z axis. It is possible to raise the table (where the workpiece rests). Milling machines may be operated manually or under computer numerical control (CNC), and can perform a vast number of complex operations, such as slot cutting, planing, drilling and threading, rabbeting, routing, etc. Two common types of mills are the horizontal mill and vertical mill. If you need a Stretford CNC milling company then the Manufacturing Processes directory can help. Contact one of the CNC milling companies in Stretford today:

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Hoare Lea
Royal Exchange, Cross Street, Manchester, Lancashire M2 7FL, United Kingdom
M2 7FL

Pendlebury Precision Engineering
Unit 9, Irlam Industrial Estate, Manchester M44 5AZ, United Kingdom
M44 5AZ

Johnson Bailey & Hayes
John Dalton Street, Manchester M2 6FW, United Kingdom
M2 6FW

HFM Consulting Engineers Ltd.
1st Floor Courtlets House, 38 King Street West, Manchester M3 2WZ, United Kingdom
M3 2WZ

Holts Engineering
Parrin Lane, Manchester M30 8AN, United Kingdom
M30 8AN

Martin O'Brien & Associates Ltd.
14 Tib Lane, Cross Street, Manchester M2 4JA, United Kingdom
M2 4JA

Martin Stockley Associates Ltd.
Carvers Warehouse 77 Dale Street, Manchester M1 2HG, United Kingdom
M1 2HG

Victoria Production Engineering Ltd.
Oldham Street, Denton, Manchester M34 3SA, United Kingdom
M34 3SA

Harvey (Manchester) Ltd.
Oldham Street, Denton, Manchester M34 3SL, United Kingdom
M34 3SL

S L J Engineering Services
Unit 12, Wilsons Park, Manchester M40 8WN, United Kingdom
M40 8WN

G A Engineering Ltd.
Barton Hall Industrial Estate, Hardy Street Eccles, Manchester M30 7NB, United Kingdom
M30 7NB

Endura Properties Ltd.
P J Power, Mill Bank, Manchester M26 1AJ, United Kingdom
M26 1AJ

MTS Precision Ltd.
Greengate Industrial Park, Greenside Way, Manchester, Chadderton M24 1SW, United Kingdom
M24 1SW

Bolton Engineering & Manufacturing Ltd.
Unit R Highfield Road Industrial Estate, Little Halton, Manchester, Greater Manchester M38 9ST, United Kingdom
M38 9ST

PO Box 88, The University of Manchester, Manchester, Lancashire M60 1QD, United Kingdom
M60 1QD

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